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I have been part of Malinie Arora’s yoga program for many months now. As a doctor, I realise the importance of staying fit, both physically and mentally. With Malinie’s yoga program, one can have the benefit of both. The deep breathing techniques along with the wide variety of asanas taught by her ensure that you remain rejuvenated and upbeat, the entire day. Doing yoga on a daily basis has personally helped me tremendously, especially in respect of a persistent neck pain that I have experienced for several years. I would not hesitate to recommend Malinie’s program to anyone who is desirous of staying fit physically as well as becoming spiritually inclined mentally.

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The festival of Deepawali is not just synonymous with wealth and prosperity but a series of effort to clean up houses and shops. Ever wondered why is that so? White washing, junk dispelling, decorating the property by lights and diyas is a common sight to behold in this festival. It is a common belief that to usher in the blessings Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi, the epitome of wealth and prosperity; one needs to keep the house tidy and welcoming for them. As much as this is a common belief, it’s the not the only reason for de-cluttering your house.

Traditionally, it is believed from the ancient times that there is a high incidence of negative energies in the environment at this time. Deepawali falls on the New Moon night called the amavasya which is the time when the earth bound negative energies are at their highest. Clutter and unwanted junk acts as an attraction point for these energies. To safeguard their houses and their places of work, people in ancient times understood the need to de-clutter and clean their houses, clean the path ways and decorate the houses and shops with rangoli and bright lights using diyas.

In the 5 days of Deepawali, it is considered auspicious to light diyas at every corner of the house to accentuate the positive energies thereby weakening the effect of negativity. Perfumed incense and fragrances are especially used during Deepawali to raise the energy and vibrational level of the environment. Mantra chanting in the mornings and evenings is also a great way to bring in the effects of positivity in our lives.

So this Deepawali, let go of unwanted things in life, de-clutter the space and allow happiness, wealth and prosperity to come home.

Happy Diwali!


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