About Malinie Arora

Malinie Arora got her initial training from her Guruji at Pune twenty years back. She received motivation for taking up Yoga as a full time profession from her sister Dr. Indu Arora, who is now a professional trainer in the U.S. Over the years, she has grown as a professional, building up greater knowledge and experience in Yoga and all related fields of holistic healing.

Malinie Arora has been a professional Tarot Card Reader, Crystal Healer, Vastu Consultant and a life coach for last 18 years. She has been exceedingly involved in all such activities. She has always nurtured a deep and abiding interest in all things mystical and magical. After an extensive study of the subjects, she found it to be her true calling and gave herself up to it fulltime.

She has been felicitated with

Vastu Maharishi from Pandit Gopal Sharma, Delhi
Pyramidlogy from Pandit Gopal Sharma, Delhi
Fengshui from Pandit Gopal Sharma, Delhi
Yoga as a therapy from Yogsadhna
Ank Jyotishacharya ( Numerology) from (Vastu & Joyful Living, Delhi)
Jyotish Prabhakar, from( All India Federation of Astrologers Society Delhi)
Astrology through K.P System from ( Astro Research Centre , Delhi)
Reiki and Extra Sensory Power from ( Usui Shiki Pyoho, Mumbai)
Naturo Therapy from ( Nature Cure Institute, Nashik)
5 year Intense Self Reialization Fellowship from (Yogda Satsanga Society India,Ranchi) based on Higher Meditation Techniques.
Marma therapy from Bangalore Kalari Centre
Hypnotherapy from California hypnosis Institute of India (CHII)

She is a leading consultant to many well known individuals, commercial establishments and industrial concerns. To further her cause, she aims at establishing school of Vedic sciences to spread awareness about our vast and magnificent heritage.