Crystal Healing

CRYSTAL HEALING The skill of combining multiple crystals to suit each person’s typical situation or condition helps greatly in giving enhanced healing. Crystal combinations are for health, business, relationships and for removing negativity.

The Energy and energy centers (Chakras) in our bodies can be influenced by crystals and other resources.   Crystals and minerals have a long history in many civilizations to aid healing and spiritual growth.  The human body is a complex electromagnetic system.  There are energy centers in the body where energy flows from one center to another. When it is flowing freely, balance and order of the whole being is maintained. When there are any blockages or other problems, sickness results. In crystal therapy, assorted stones are placed on and around the body in a pattern intended to vibrate with “chakras” of the body to correct the imbalance and blockage.

The vibrations thus calibrated help to adjust and balance the flow of vital energy also called prana or ‘chi’.  With the vibrations of the crystals, a healer can move, absorb, focus, direct and diffuse energy within the body.

Apart from general well being it can be of help in acute and chronic problems, stress related conditions, anxiety, pre-operative care, post-operative healing, support the recovery from any disease and activate and support the natural self-healing processes within the individual client.

Crystal Healing with Reiki

Crystal healing incorporates Reiki healing with crystal energy to increase the effectiveness of a Reiki session. Crystals have the unique ability to transmit high frequency energy for extended periods of time. They serve as powerful tools in connecting with the Reiki energy. By using crystals during a session more healing takes place in a shorter period of time.