At Panchtattva being healthy is beyond the yoga mats. We provide fitness and nutrition in one location by having a juice bar as Juice ‘n’ More in the center itself. “Our juices are completely fresh — there’s no sitting around with bottles,” says Rahul. Because Panchtattva has a juice bar, yogis stay after class to enjoy a sprouts, veg salad, sandwiches, fresh fruits salad or juice together, which helps build community.

Juice ‘n’ More offers you the juices which help in weight loss, controlling diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure. Even kids can relish special sandwiches for them here. So eat and drink healthy to become healthy ‘n’ happy. Juice ‘n’ More offers a range of healthy snacks specially designed from natural ingredients. We set ourselves the brief to offer maximum nutrition and alongside, gives you a feeling of satisfaction.

Price: 580.00INR