Kids Yoga

It is observed that kids who practice yoga have improved eyesight and reading speed up to 50%. It’s fun and great for balance, strength and confidence.

The prime aim is to help shape their personality and improve concentration, memory and confidence to live a balanced life with holistic development within.

At Panchtattva Studio, fun and interestingly designed dynamic meditation and relaxation sessions help kids to be emotionally and mentally strong with sharper memory. The sessions include Asanas, Pranayama, dynamic meditation and lots of other interactive games and practices to balance both the logical as well as intuitive, creative and imaginative mind.

Major Asanas recommended for the overall development of a kid includes –
01. Sarvangasana
02. Hal asana
03. Chakrasana
04. Simhasana
05. Paschimotanasana
06. Tadasana.

Most recommended Pranayama for the overall development of kids are –
01. Udgit (OM Chanting)
02. Bhramari
03. Kapalbhati
04. Anulom Vilom
05. Ujjayi Pranayama.