Meditation is a natural state of being. We tend to lose this state when the thoughts and emotions create toxins in our system and push us away from this state. Yoga postures and pranayams are the pre-requisite activities which facilitate the cleansing of body and mind. After the mind and body are steady, a natural state called meditation happens. It’s a myth that meditation means concentration. Infact it is de-concentration; concentration is a positive by-product of meditation. Whatever thoughts and feelings come, one should just let them pass without judgement and just observe them. There should be no effort in meditation; it will happen naturally when one observes the breath and thoughts.

Gradually, the traffic of thoughts gets reduced and the energy in the body is enhanced. The participants are then guided by our healer to channelize this renewed energy to any part of part or mind which needs healing. E.g. If someone has backache, through affirmations, this energy is focused via breath and awareness to the part of back that hurts. It can also be channelized towards letting go of any emotional conflict or hurtful thought patterns thereby healing the cause of distress of the meditating participant. The meditator then feels relaxed and in complete harmony with himself and his environment.