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Price: 250 INR


Panchtattva Room Sprays are a great way to add a bright burst of fragrance to any room. Panchtattva Room Sprays give a long lasting effect of beautiful fragrance. We know that you put your heart and soul into making your home beautiful, so our room sprays add to the beauty of your home by elevating and instantly freshening the air. Fragrances available with Panchtattva are: Rajnigandha, Mogra, Orange, Aqua, Rose ,Sandalwood, Lavender, Lemon Grass.

Price: 2100 INR


Panchtattva Body Mists are the best splashes to be sprayed on your body as they are much milder than any other perfumes and makes you feel lighter. These mists are directly sprayed on the skin not on clothes. Panchtattva Body Mists have long lasting effects. We have introduced 5 types of Body Mists:Vintage, Heaven, Aquilaria, Carro, Aural.

Price: 2100 INR


Panchtattva Essential Oil are concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants with tealight candles or diffuses. we have the following types of Essential Oils:  Rose, Rajnigandha, Orange, Mogra, Lemon Grass, Lavender.

Price: 2100 INR


Panchtattva Loban is a ritual incense made of fragrant resins when it comes in contact with the ‘Loban incense’ an anxiolytic effect is experienced. It removes negative energies like anger, frustrations & grief.

Price: 2100 INR


Vastu Floor Cleaner is a pure and natural remedy to remove negativity from your home/office and bring positive vibes. It has antibacterial properties which also help in keeping away ants and other insects. We have two types of Vastu Floor Cleaner:

  • Lemon Grass Vastu Floor Cleaner
  • Lavender Vastu Floor Cleaner

Price: 2100 INR


Panchtattva Bathing Salt is combined with natural and aromatic ingredients; it creates a magical blend of aromatherapy with herbal healing. This helps us relax our body, removes toxins, and most importantly rejuvenates the positive energy in our body. We have two kinds of Bathing Salts:

  • Orange Bathing Salt
  • Rose Bathing Salt

Price: 2100 INR


Panchtattva Rock Salt Lamp absorbs water and particles from the air and it also takes positive ions with them. Then when heated, the salt releases cleansed water vapour back into the air, it also expels the negative ions which have the positive effect on our airways increasing the cilial activity to your lungs. There are many shapes available of it.

Price: 2100 INR


Panchtattva Camphor is an excellent product to clear the negative energies and emotions in sacred places. It can be kept in the room for health issues such as nervousness, migraine, anxiety, breathlessness, etc.

Price: 2100 INR


Diffuser Lamps are an effective way to experience the health and wellness benefits of the essential oils. Diffusers are a great way to get oils in the air. There are electric diffusers which are lit with a bulb inside and non electric diffusers lit up with tea light candles inside. Panchtattva has a wide and beautiful variety of diffusers.

Price: 2100 INR


Panchtattva Edible Himalayan Salt stimulates circulation,relaxes the body, Lowers blood pressure, soothes sore muscles and removes the toxins of the body. Thus the himalayan salt should be added in our food to stay healthy and staying away from diseases.

Price: 2100 INR


This energized combination of Himalayan Salt and Camphor purifies your emotional and physical space and reduces stress, depression, anxiety and keeps the surroundings positive.

Price: 2100 INR


HT Panchtattva Tealight Candles burn time is atleast 3 hours with a guarantee. These decorative tealight candles do not pollute the atmosphere of your home with smoke or odour.

Price: 2100 INR


The skill of combining multiple crystals to suit each person’s typical situation or condition helps greatly in giving enhanced healing. Crystal combinations are for health, business, relationships and for removing negativity.