Power Yoga

Power Yoga is also known as Dynamic Yoga. As the name suggests, Power Yoga is fast paced and a strenuous exercise which makes it different from other forms of Yoga. Power Yoga can be used for a heavy work out and is primarily useful as a tool for weight loss.  It does not have any fixed poses to be followed. The poses may differ according to the teacher or instructor. Power Yoga aims at improving strength, stamina and flexibility of the body there by generating energy by removing body toxins through sweat and getting rid of obesity.

To achieve this objective, we use various pranayams (breathing techniques) along with the  asanas to being maximum benefit to the clients. They are:-

Agni saar Pranayam- it helps to reduce the fat accumulated around the organs in the abdomen.

Kapalbhaati- this powerful pranayam flushes out toxins and improves metabolic rate of the body.

Sheetali pranayam-  It cools the system and combats Pitta related disturbances such as acidity and stimulates and assists in digestion. It helps the participants in maintaining their diet thereby leading to healthy weight loss.

Affirmation- the session begins and ends with affirmations where participants are made aware that the techniques used in the session are working to their maximum benefit. Use of affirmations speed up the weight loss process bringing calmness and vitality to the participant.