Vastu is a system of designing and construction that aims at establishing a dynamic balance between form and energy so that harmonious creations are created for inhabitants. Vastu shastra is for the betterment of mankind and bring love, peace, prosperity and contentment within a household. It is believed in shastra & society that nothing happens without wish of God who is omnipresent in every living being. It is generally seen that the availability of house for different individuals and families is according to their activities. It is further believed that the defects can be corrected only with the desire of God.

Plots facing any of the East / North / South / West / North-East / South-East / South-West / North-West directions are good and each direction has its own importance. Greater benefits can be received by constructing the house according to the discipline of Vastu. Vastu creates favorable atmosphere to live and work by taking advantage of the benefits bestowed by five elements called Vayu, Agni, Jal, Bhumi, Akash; ‘Panchbhootas of Nature’. When these five elements are in harmony in our body, we are healthy and active and when their equilibrium is disturbed one is devitalized or unhealthy. Same is true with our place of living or work.hat one should

To enjoy overall growth and well being, Vastu Shastra can be used for: 


Just like anything in existence, Vastu principles are also governed by the rules of Nature. In a plot or building, North-East portion belongs to finance, luxuries & happiness of whole family.  South-East belongs to happiness & peace of family, ladies and second/sixth child. South-West portion belongs to head of the family and first/ fifth child. North-West portion belongs to happiness & peace of family, ladies and third/seventh child. North and South portion belong to finance, health, prestige & nature of ladies. East & West portion belong to health, prestige and nature of males.

To facilitate you to attain maximum benefit of the energies in your property, our Vastu expert offers consultation for the following:

    • Offices / commercial premise
    • Industrial premises
    • Shops
    • Hospitals
    • Schools / Colleges
    • Construction sites
    • Plots
    • Apartments
    • Bungalows
    • Pent houses
    • Farm houses

We also provide with the assistance in selection of the best suitable plot. We follow the following steps:

  • Check and determine the directions of the site.
  • Check the soil of the site as it plays a major role in forming the vibrations of that particular site.
  • Try to get a personal feel and touch of the property to observe positive or negative vibrations at the site.
  • Prepare a Vastu analysis chart indicating important aspects and grading of the plot and suggestions.

Depending on the need of the property and the client, remedies are offered for the same.  Today, we at Panchtattva, are proud that many have sought our counselling and are fully satisfied with our services and have gained peace, wealth, love, popularity, money following our suggestions and advice on Vastu Shastra.